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Like all Barcamps, the TYPO3Camp of Nantes will be organized by its visitors. Sessions will be scheduled at the beginning of the event, participants will propose topics and decide to participate in those that interest them most.

2 types of sessions are possible: sessions "workshops" and sessions "short-conference". Here is the principle of workshop sessions:

  • The goal is to exchange for 45 minutes around concrete problems TYPO3, to share the points of view and the solutions put in place by each one in order to advance or make choices for the future development.

  • A workshop may focus on an extension, a significant existing or future functionality, translation, documentation, etc.

  • For french participants: It is important to take into account that even if it is a TYPO3 camp taking place in France, non-French speaking participants will only be able to share with you if you speak English with them. The workshops composed of non-French participants will therefore be held in English :)

An event organized by the W-Seils agency !